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Office In A Box

Remove the guesswork with our office-in-a-box shopping list. Purchase the entire list and simply enjoy curating your space or pick and choose the items that work best for you.

Humanly Classic Design

This design combines all of our go-to items for a classic look. Over the years these particular colors have earned compliments from clients and professionals as being approachable, cozy, and beautiful.

Humanly Quintessential Design

This eclectic look combines different subtle colors and finishes in such a way that makes the room feel spacious but intentional. The finishing touches are all the difference.

Helpful Considerations

  1. First and foremost be sure to check all of the measurements of the items in the list, especially the couch with end tables to ensure this fits your space. Trust us, we’ve learned the hard way more than once.

    It may be helpful to space plan your office ahead of time. You can take the measurements of the primary items and using some painter’s tape (easily removed) lay out your items on the floor of your office so you can get a more realistic sense of how the items will occupy the space.

  2. As a rule of thumb, we set up our couches on the wall that enables clients to see their exit. This doesn’t work for every room but some clients feel safer when they can see their way out. These decisions matter.

    We also try to set our desks immediately upon entrance. When doing “paperwork” between sessions we have heard from our members how nice it is for them to have the door cracked or fully open so as to invite conversation with other members of the community or simply seeing/hearing their clients enter their suite.

  3. Try to avoid using overhead lighting. Good lighting is a must include in our opinion. It takes a standard office up several levels or a great office into the category of amazing.
  4. If curating a space isn’t your thing then lean into your friends or family member who have a good eye. Set up the first few items, snap a picture, then share it for feedback. Setting up the whole office only to find you should have done it the other way around creates that much more work. While some people (us) kind of like that sort of thing we thought we would share this tip.
  5. Have fun! You are setting up your own office! This is a huge milestone!

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out this article published by the APA for research-based validation of our design concepts!

P.S. We love pictures. Please consider sharing your office with us with the email address: [email protected]