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Jen Endicott


I discovered and began my studies in yoga during a major career and life transition that left me anxious and questioning my decisions.

Through the combination of breath, movement, and mindful words shared in yoga classes, I began to feel a sense of release, balance, and clarity that I’d never experienced through any other physical activity.

Naturally, I was called to learn more about what seemed to be a mysterious practice and began my studies in yoga philosophy.

Now, as a teacher and a coach, I utilize the ancient wisdom of yoga to offer a supportive and encouraging environment that empowers you to release self-limiting beliefs to begin to live the life you’ve always imagined for yourself.

When working with me, expect to navigate and clear out the stubborn and sticky energy you’ve been holding in your physical, mental, and emotional bodies to ultimately begin living life through the light of authenticity, inspiration, and soul.

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