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2101 S Blackhawk St #240
Aurora, CO 80014
  • 16

    Private Offices

  • 8

    Hourly/Daily Rooms

About this location.
Conveniently located near I-225 and Iliff, this location is within walking distance of the Iliff light rail station and multiple restaurants. This space offers a fully stocked play therapy office and a community kitchen area. We are on the second floor of an ADA-compliant building and have free parking which includes a covered parking option.

  • Interval.

  • Who’s It For?

  • How It Works.

  • Starting Rates.

  • Space By The Hour.

  • Ideal for those looking for the most flexibility that have just begun their professional journey.

  • Using Humanly scheduling software you set up a room reservation for as little as 30 minutes or up to 2 hours. That’s it. The room is yours to use for that time.

  • Pricing starts at: $2.50 Per Hour

    prices vary by location and membership level
  • Space By The Day.

  • Ideal for those who are growing their caseload and prefer having the space to set up shop for the day and come and go as they please.

  • Relative to the availability within a location you may claim a single day or multiple days. Claim one single month or longer terms to ensure the space is there when you need it.

  • $35 Per Day.

    prices vary by location and membership level
  • Space By The Month.

    Private Space.
  • Ideal for those with established practices looking for stability while they grow.

  • All of your expenses are baked into one flat monthly payment. You select from the available offices and then set it up the way you desire. Your own custom private space.

  • $500 Per Month.

    prices vary by location and membership level

Lovely words. Lovely people.

Testimonials from those close to the source.
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Carrie McCrudden Provider Psychologist
Colorado Therapy Care
5 years with Humanly.

As a tenant at Humanly’s Colorado Highlands property going on 6 years, I can say for sure that this is a great place to be. Lovely spaces, solid amenities, terrific colleagues. It’s a fantastic concept for therapists!

Diane Ferber Provider LMFT
Therapy for change
1 year with Humanly.

The support of the Humanly community has been critical to the success of my private practice. The system is easy to use and flexible enough to grow as my practice grows. The therapy rooms are beautifully laid out, and management is responsive and supportive.

Ezzat Moghazy Provider Hypnotherapist
My best healer.
3.5 years with Humanly.

Quiet and relaxing environment for my clients. So, they can heal and receive the best treat they deserve. Highly recommend for other doctors and therapist. I’m so proud to be part of the Humanly family.

Sarah Murray Provider LCSW
Heart Wild Therapy
2 years with Humanly.

Humanly makes private practice approachable, affordable, and allows you to focus your energy on supporting clients. It’s the ‘Uber’ of office space!

Michael Lovich Provider Chiropractor
Delta S Performance
9 months with Humanly.

I love Humanly for it's different take on how to structure a shared space. I've worked in different co-working spaces, collaboratives, and even have had my own place, but Humanly provides a sleek, clean, up-to-date look without the hassles that come with the other three options.

Barbara Rodriguez Provider Licensed Esthetician
The stare studio
1 month with Humanly.

From the minute I was greeted by Heather I just knew this would be the right fit for my studio! The suites are absolutely beautiful, clean, and welcoming. The app scheduling is amazing and super easy to use! I’m so glad to be a part of such a great group!

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