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We have taken out a lot of the guesswork involved in designing a mental health or wellness office by sharing what we have learned right here. You can view pre-made shopping lists inspired by our many offices throughout the country or take a deeper dive into the full collection of items we have assembled by category. 

Humanly-Made Designs

Browse a selection of ready-made office designs inspired by Humanly.  We provide a shopping list with hand-picked items from dozens of brands. Review the list and select as few or as many items for your cart.

Office Service Resources

Instantly connect with skilled professionals to help with cleaning, furniture assembly, repairs, running errands, and more. Learn about additional services for your office including magazine subscriptions, water services, and more.

Shop the Collection

Want to be more hands-on? Browse our collection by category and curate your own dream office. 

Create A Location With Us

Explore the opportunity to create an entire location with Humanly. We will help with everything from site selection to attracting members to your community.

About Humanly

Humanly has been curating mental health and wellness offices throughout the country since 2012. What we are best known for is making space available to new and established mental health and wellness practices by the hour, day, month, or longer. Our best-kept secret has been how we have curated our beautiful spaces and poured love into our communities made up of hundreds of professional healers. We are so passionate about these spaces because of how it makes clients and professionals feel about the important work they do. 

Affiliate Disclaimer

Humanly has affiliate relationships with various retailers and earns a commission from the sales directly from them. You do not pay anything.