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Office Service Resources

Office Service Resources


Contactless Tasks

Request no-contact help to get the assistance you need while maintaining social distancing. Just note in your booking details where to safely pick up or drop off items.

Office Services

Need some help with setup, cleanup, errands, or any other task around the office? Taskers are ready to help you get what you need to be done today!

Wall Mounting

From TVs to shelves to artwork to lights, Taskers will make sure it’s properly mounted and hung.

Furniture Assembly

Have a new desk or bookcase to put together? Confused by the directions? Taskers can assemble all of your furniture – quickly and efficiently. Book someone today!

Office Housekeeping

No time to clean or run errands? Hire office housekeeping and concierge to do the dirty work.

Personal Assistant

Organized and efficient Taskers can be your extra pair of hands, handling any task.

Highlights Magazines

Hidden Pictures Gift Set

You can’t go wrong with Hidden Pictures puzzles! And now we’ve bundled all your favorite Hidden Pictures fun into one great set. The brain-building activities are beloved by kids and grown-ups alike, all over the world.

3-Month PUZZLE BUZZ Puzzle Book Subscription

Introduce your young child to the colorful and skill-building fun of puzzles, mazes, matching games, and more with a subscription to Puzzle Buzz!

12-Month PUZZLEMANIA Puzzle Book Subscription

Wild… Challenging… Brain-Building Puzzles for Kids!

It’s no surprise that more than 8 million families have said yes to the fun and learning of Puzzlemania books. They keep kids engaged and entertained while they practice important learning skills.

The more comfortable kids are using the skills they’ve learned, the more confident and successful they’ll become!