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Susan Garrett


I knew I wanted to work with children in need from a young age. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in psychology from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, OR in 1995. At that time I was eyeing special education, but after working in a psychiatric hospital for children, I realized my passion was more in direct mental health. I then chose to pursue my master’s in social work from Smith College in Northampton, MA and I obtained my MSW in 2000 (LCSW in 2003). (kinda fun fact that I went to both coasts for school…I grew up in Denver. Also my dad is a retired Freudian Psychoanalyst and maternal aunt was a play therapist, so you could say it’s in my blood). So, I then decided to return to Denver (pretty wonderful spot to call home). I worked in community mental health for about 15 years in the Denver area (home based family therapy and residential/day treatment centers). In 2014, I heard about this program (back then called Younique Counseling) and I decided to meet with Stephanie Diaz. (She has a wonderful play therapy office that is AMAZING). That is when I made the leap into private practice. Definitely a bit scary, but Stephanie reassured me and provided me with a lot of support and encouragement. I opted to accept medicaid (children in foster care and children who have been adopted have medicaid). My caseload grew exponentially very quickly. Having my own private practice has been an amazing and very rewarding experience! I consider myself a play therapist (I currently have my paperwork submitted to be a registered play therapist). I am trained in EMDR and Level One Theraplay as well. I feel very touched and honored to help children and families who struggle with developmental trauma and emotional struggles. It is wonderful to be part of their healing process.

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